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Credit: Brady Lindley (Strategy), Andrew Pineres & Sam Jorgensen (Content Creation), Rebekah "Bean" & Madi Hill (Art Direction), Kylee Hazard (Copy) 

The Problem: With the increase of rookie golfers in 2020, how can TaylorMade capture the interest of a new crowd?

Consumer Insight: The "Average Joe" wants to keep up with the boys and worries that he'll hold up the group by taking too many strokes. 

Brand Insight: The superior quality of TaylorMade equipment will make any rookie golfer look and feel like a pro.

Big Idea: When the monotony of everyday life has your mind wandering, Taylormade golf clubs provide the edge you need to focus on your game.  

THE LINE: Find your focus


How Does It Live?

A TV spot featuring Joe, a millennial dad who is looking to improve his golf game. 

tv spot


"Find Your Focus"


Open on a man asleep in his bed in the early morning light. A clock on the bedside table flips from 6:29 to 6:30. 


SFX: An alarm goes off


Cut to a shot from above. Handheld camera racks in and out of focus. 


The man yawns and opens his eyes. His hair is ruffled, his eyes heavy with sleep.

SFX: Dissonant music begins under and throughout. 


Cut to a front-facing shot of the man as he sits up on the edge of the bed and stretches. 


SFX: Man yawns


Cut to a matched shot of the man stretching in the car. His hands come down and grip the steering wheel. 


Handheld camera racks in and out of focus 


SFX: A car horn beeps twice, the whoosh of a passing vehicle. 


The man looks out the car window for a moment and then turns and rests his head against the steering wheel. 


Cut to a matched shot of the man’s head coming down to rest in his hands. He is now in his office at work. 


Handheld camera racks in and out of focus. 


The man raises his head and stares at the papers sprawled across his desk. He sighs, looking at the clock.

SFX: Man sighs 


Cut to a shot of the man's leg bouncing in anticipation. 


Cut back to the man at his desk. He reaches to pick up his pen.


Cut to a matched shot of the man reaching to pick up his fork at the dinner table. 


Handheld camera racks in and out of focus. 


The man sits next to his wife who is talking about her day. The man looks at her intently, smiling and nodding as she speaks. 


SFX: The wife’s indistinct dialogue cuts in and out. The man catches a few words here and there but nothing coherent. 


Two children run across the frame in the background and the man glances their way. 


SFX: Screaming/giggling children, pattering footsteps. 


The man goes to stab a piece of his dinner with his fork. 


Cut to a matched shot of the man driving a golf tee into the grass. 

SFX: The music stops and the ambient sounds of a quiet morning are in the background (birdsong, a soft wind, the buzz of a bee). 


The camera is perfectly still, the tee and grass are in complete focus. 


The man places a TaylorMade golf ball on the tee. The TaylorMade logo is facing the camera head on. 


Cut to a shot of the man’s face as he takes a deep breath. Again, the frame is in perfect focus. 


Cut to a shot of the man’s hands gripping the Taylormade golf clubs. 


The frame fades to black. 


SFX: The backswing of a club and then the signature TaylorMade “clink” as the club hits the ball. 


SUPER: TaylorMade logo appears followed by the tag “Find Your Focus”.

the script

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