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Colby tightened the belt on his cream-colored robe and stepped into the sauna. The air was thick and smelled like eucalyptus. It wrapped around his shoulders like a warm, heavy blanket and purred at his bare ankles. He sighed and shuffled over to the far corner, easing himself down onto the wooden bench. 

Colby closed his eyes and let his thoughts drift in and out and swirl like the vapor around him. Had he sent that memo to Brock about the meeting tomorrow? Colby tensed. No, he had… hadn’t he? Yes. It was right after Jenny had stopped by with that brief for their new client. He’d sent it. Good thing too because the hotel wifi he'd be using over the weekend was spotty at best. That said, even if internet was so-so, the room service cake was exquisite. Ahhh cake. Colby's stomach grumbled and he sluggishly blinked open his eyes.

What time was it? His robe was soaked in sweat, his face and chest all salty slick. Hadn't it only been a few minutes? It certainly felt that way. Regardless, Colby was done for the night. He stood and wiped his brow on his sleeve, shuddering as beads of moisture trickled down the sides of his neck. He sauntered over to the sauna door and tugged- but the door didn't budge. "Hello?!" he yelled, squishing his face against the glass. "Hellooooo?!"


He pushed and shoved and threw himself at the door, sending the steam stumbling in every direction.


"Anyone?!" he shouted."It's hot! Hot hot hot hootttt!"

Colby screamed until his lungs hurt and his tongue turned to sandpaper... but fifteen minutes passed and no one came. Thirty minutes. An hour. After a long while, he slumped to the soggy floor.

"Death by sauna," Colby chuckled darkly, "now won't that look nice on an obituary?"

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