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The Ask:  How can Chaparral reach young families who are hesitant to make such a large purchase?


Insight:  A boat is more than a recreational "toy", it is an investment in family. 

THE LINE: The Investment of a Lifetime 


Credit: Drew Pineres (Content Creation), Emma Higbee (Art Direction), Kylee Hazard (Copy) 

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VO: I grew up on the water. 


A couple steps onto a boat with a baby and two other small children. Their muffled conversation can be heard in the background. The couple shares a kiss and one child (The Main Character) looks up at them and smiles. 

VO: It began with early mornings, sleepy eyes and sweatshirts over swimsuits. 

SFX: Sentimental music begins under and throughout. 


The couple and their three kids sit huddled together in the boat as it glides across the water. It’s early morning and they are bundled up in jackets and towels, trying to keep warm. The wind blows gently and the morning sun reflects off a glassy lake. 

VO: When the lake turned to glass and the sun shone just above the horizon. 


Shots of the lake, the sun, the MC staring off at the sunrise. 


VO: That’s where I learned the first of life’s lessons. 


VO: There I was taught to count… 


Cut to a shot of the family counting down before dad guns the boat. Two children (The MC and her brother) are on the tube in the water. They are smiling from ear to ear. 


FAMILY (in the background): Three!... Two!... One!


MC: (Squeals)


VO: ....and to tie my shoes. 


A shot of dad teaching the MC to lace up the boots on her wakeboard. She gives him a nervous smile and a thumbs up.  


VO: It’s where I learned to fly… 


The MC, now slightly older, jumps the wake on her wakeboard.  


MOM (in the background): Wooooo! 


VO: … and where I learned to fall. 


MC is thrown off her board and into the water. She comes up laughing.  


VO: I discovered the importance of family… 


The kids play “king of the hill” on a tube, trying to push each other off (focus is on MC). They are giggling and squealing. MOM and DAD watch and laugh. 


VO: every phase of life.


The kids, now much older (with spouses of their own?) sit together on the boat. The parents and siblings all sing an oldies song in unison. 


VO: And that while some things inevitably change... 


Tighter shot of MC putting sunscreen on her child’s face. Her siblings sit on either side. 


VO: ...others never do.


The main character looks over at her parents. MOM and DAD (looking much older) share a kiss as the sun flares behind them. The MC nudges her sibling and they both smile. 


END CARD appears with logo and tagline.

SUPER: The investment of a lifetime 

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