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Instructor: JEFF SHEETS


Credit: Connor Kleinman & Austin Blake (Content Creation), Emma Higbee & Nicole Pemberton (Art Direction), Kylee Hazard (Copy) 

The Problem: Current ads for ring are often straightforward and serious. How can we showcase the benefits of the product in a fun and clever way?

Consumer Insight: We've all suffered at one time or another from "Doorstep Regret"

and it's a feeling that we'd like to avoid at all costs. 

Brand Insight: Because the ring doorbell allows homeowners to see who is at their front door before they answer, they can avoid awkward and uncomfortable interactions. 

Big Idea: The "House Herald". The ring doorbell is like an oldtimey herald who stands at your front door and declares the arrival of every guest*. 


*This was an idea that came to me whilst in a melatonin-induced state of half sleep. It was amazing to see it brought to life by my stellar team.  

THE LINE: No one arrives unannounced. 

Doorstep Regret:

That self-loathing feeling that comes when you open the door to a stranger only to get caught in another  30 minute sales pitch for Cutco knives. Or worse, you find yourself trapped in a face-to-face encounter with Linda, the helicopter mom from down the street. In an essence, it’s that “oh crap” sensation that makes you wish that you hadn’t opened the door in the first place.

How Does It Live?

A TV spot that introduces us to Harold the Herald, a medieval messenger who is stationed at the doorstep of a modern family's home.

tv spot



"The bad boyfriend" 


Open on teenage daughter (BROOKE) who is “getting ready” for a date. She is jamming out to music through her headphones while applying her mascara. 


Cut to a scene of an older boy (DIESEL) pulling up to the outside of the house on a motorcycle. 


SFX: The roar of the motorcycle, ACDC playing loudly in the background. 


DIESEL cuts the engine and the music stops. He shakes his head of luscious hair and walks towards the front door where HAROLD the herald is standing.


HAROLD: (Unfurls a scroll as DIESEL approaches) Hear ye, hear ye! ‘Tis the witless suitor of Lady Brooklyn! He hath arrived on his… (eyes motorcycle distastefully) less-than-noble steed. 


DIESEL scoffs.


Cut to inside the house where Mom (LIZ), Dad (DAVE), and younger son (KADE) are eating dinner. DAVE’s fork clatters to his plate and he locks eyes with LIZ across the dinner table. 


HAROLD: (Heard from outside the house) He approaches the dwelling! (Coughs dramatically) The fellow is heavily perfumed!


LIZ cringes and DAVE rolls his eyes. KADE chuckles. 


DAVE: (Almost whispering) Where’s Brooke?


Cut to shot of BROOKE holding up two outfits in the mirror. Her music is loud and she is oblivious to what’s going on. 


SFX: BROOKE’s muted music. 


Cut back to the rest of the family at the dinner table. LIZ shrugs. They wait in quiet anticipation. 


HAROLD: (Again heard from outside) He’s reached the gate! (slight pause) DING DONG! 




KADE scoots his chair out as if to stand. DAVE frantically shakes his head. 


LIZ: (Quiet but firm) Don’t answer that. 


DAVE glances toward the ceiling as if listening for BROOKE upstairs. There is no response. DAVE, KADE, and LIZ slowly turn their attention to the door. DAVE picks up his phone and opens the “Ring” app. 


DAVE: (Into his phone) Tell him we’re busy. 


Cut back to outside the front door.


HAROLD: (To DIESEL) Sir, I regret to inform you that the family is otherwise detained. 


DIESEL looks at Harold and presses the doorbell. 


HAROLD: (Exasperated sigh) DING DONG! 


Beat of silence. DIESEL presses the doorbell again. 


HAROLD: DING DONG! (To DIESEL) I humbly request that you cease. 


DIESEL presses the doorbell again. 




DIESEL pounds on the door. HAROLD shrugs apologetically. 


DIESEL: (To the house) You know what? Fine!


DIESEL storms off and HAROLD waves him goodbye with a cheery grin on his face. As DIESEL walks away, HAROLD narrates. 


HAROLD: He’s departing… he’s departing… annnndd he’s fled! Huzzah!


SFX: Motorcycle revs and pulls away. 


Fade to the end card. 


SUPER: “No one arrives unannounced” appears followed by the ring logo. 




BROOKE (all dolled up for her date) walks down the stairs and opens the front door. She pulls off her headphones. 


BROOKE: (Upset) Hey, have you seen Diesel? He was supposed to pick me up like an hour ago! 


HAROLD: (Without looking Brooke in the eyes) Erm... no. 


ALT line HAROLD: (Calls to the street) Romeo, Romeo… (looks around) wherefore art thou Romeo? (Shrugs guiltily)



the script

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