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Here are just a few miscellaneous ad projects that I have worked on this semester. They didn't have a place to go so I've left them here for you to enjoy.  


Below is the spot for the script that I wrote for this campaign. Stephanie wrote a stellar script of her own, but it is not included here (as you will see it in her portfolio:). We worked in tandem for every other element of this project, consulting one another before deciding on a final product. 

tv spot


Feel the burn, feel the win.



Open on a young man (TAYLOR) running ladders across a football field. He is dressed in a red tank top and athletic shorts. His face is sweaty and weighed in exhaustion. 


SFX: A whistle blows. 


COACH: (Muted in the background) That’s fifty! Now give me ten more!


Cut to TAYLOR doing push-ups. 


SFX: The sound of TAYLOR's heavy breathing. 

Cut to TAYLOR doing sit-ups 

SFX: The sound of TAYLOR's heavy breathing. 


Cut to TAYLOR taking a swig from his water bottle next to the bleachers. 


SFX: The slurp of the water bottle.


He winces and rubs his bicep with one hand. 




His eyes drift to his duffle bag. 


Cut to a close-up shot of the duffle bag as TAYLOR opens the zipper and reaches his hand inside. 

SFX: Zipper opening.

Cut to TAYLOR pulling out a tube of Icy Hot. A spotlight shines down, creating dramatic lighting for the scene.  The song "Let's Get It On" by Marvin Gaye begins to play. 


SFX: "Let’s Get It On" by Marvin Gaye. 


TAYLOR smiles and hits the tube of Icy Hot against his palm three times to the beat (0:04-0:05) of the music.


Cut to a tight shot of TAYLOR's hands as he opens the Icy Hot and squeezes it out onto his hand, relishing in the moment.


Cut to a full-body shot TAYLOR. He applies the Icy Hot cream to his arms and legs as he grooves to the music. 


TAYLOR: (Relieved) Woo! (As Marvin Gaye woos) 


Cut to a shot of TAYLOR holding something heavy with his hands in the air. His face is strained, but we can’t see what’s above him because the shot cuts off at his wrists. 


The camera pulls out to show that TAYLOR is holding a girl in the air, a cheerleader. The camera pulls out even farther to show several other cheerleaders in the midst of their routine at practice. 


The COACH applauds as the cheerleader’s finish. 


SFX: Clapping and the heavy breathing of the cheer team.


COACH: Now that’s what I’m talking about! 


The cheerleader’s faces beam with excitement. They high five and hug one another. 

The end card appears featuring TAYLOR's duffle bag and the tube of Icy Hot. 



Feel the burn, feel the win.

the script

Music is an essential part of the “Progressor” lifestyle. They listen when they work, when they play, and when they exercise. In fact, it’s hard to find a Progressor who doesn’t have background music for nearly every part of their day.  For this reason, we’ve chosen to implement two radio ads in our “Feel the burn” campaign. We created one script with two alternate endings: one for spotify and one for FM radio. The tagline for both radio spots will be “Feel the burn, feel the beat”.

podcast radio

IcyHotSpotify2Artist Name
00:00 / 00:26
IcyHotRadioArtist Name
00:00 / 00:26



MALE VO: *siiiiigh* We all know the feeling. Long day at work. You’re tired. Your back is sore, your legs are sore, your body is falling apart. We don’t mean to rub it in, but you need a pick me up.


SFX: 'I Got You' by James Brown starts to play in background


MALE VO: Icy Hot: Feel the Burn. Click the banner below for a playlist full of songs that make you feel good! And for even better results pair with a tube of icy hot.




MALE VO: Icy Hot: Feel the burn. Keep listening to 97.3 FM for the songs that make you feel good! And for even better results pair with a tube of Icy Hot.

This out of home “stairs” ad is the third and final traditional element of our 360 campaign. With this execution, we want to give the illusion that the stairs themselves are “sponsored” by Icy Hot. The hope is that the line “Feel the burn” will encourage passersby to take the stairs as opposed to a nearby escalator or elevator. At the top of the stairs, we will install an icy hot dispenser with a sign that says "feel the reward". We felt that a stair advertisement was really fitting for this campaign because it centers on owning the success that comes with soreness and embracing the discomfort of 'the climb'.

feel the burn stairs 2.jpg

out of home

Icy Hot Stairs Dispenser.png

One of the ways in which we hope to target the “progressors” of the market is by creating a Spotify playlist with hit songs that people can move and groove to. The playlist will be titled: “Feel the burn, feel the beat”, incorporating the campaign's tagline with a creative twist. This playlist will be suggested to listeners who frequently add “workout” or “productivity” playlists. It will feature songs that are upbeat and uplifting, giving people the musical motivation they need to go throughout their day.

spotify playlist


Is there a better way to target sore, sweaty, young adults than to takeover the stage at a music festival? We didn't think so. For the "Feel the burn" campaign, Icy Hot will take over the headliner stage at Lollapalooza. Not only will the Icy Hot name be on everyone's mind all week, but it will also give us a huge venue where we can share our "Icy Hot Hits" playlist on an enormous scale. In addition to music, Icy Hot will bless Lollapalooza with merchandise. Icy Hot vending machines (pictured below) will be scattered strategically throughout the venue. There, tubes of pain relieving cream will be sold at a discounted rate, soothing the sore legs of those who have been standing and dancing all day long. 

On Tik Tok, Twitter, and Instagram, we will start a social media trend where users will be asked to show us their “Icy Hot Walk”. Participants will be encouraged to take funny pictures and/or videos of themselves walking when they are sore. Content will be shared with the hashtag #feeltheburn so that Icy Hot can repost their favorites. Additionally, participation in this campaign will qualify users for a chance to win exclusive tickets to Icy Hot’s Lollapalooza takeover.

social media

Credit: Taylor Garrett (Content Creation), Madi Hill (Art Direction), Stephanie Blackham & Kylee Hazard (Copy) 

The Problem: Icy Hot is currently perceived as a product for the elderly. 

Consumer Insight: I want to reach my goals, but progress is slow and painful. It's easy to get discouraged. 

Brand Insight: Icy Hot provides the relief that young "Progressors" need to get back to doing what they love as soon as possible. 

Big Idea: Applying Icy Hot is a two-fold feeling. It's the emotional high of working hard paired with the physical sensation of Icy Hot's menthol cream. 

THE LINE: Feel the burn.*


*"Feel the burn" is the overarching line for this campaign. However, for many components of this project the tagline has two parts: "Feel the burn, feel the ______". The second line corresponds in a different way to each component of the campaign.  


How does it live? A 360 Campaign 


Credit:  Madi Hill (Art Direction),  Kylee Hazard (Copy) 

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