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Caledonia Road

    Two freckled faces float ever-so-slowly away from shore. Their eyes are closed, cheeks squished up against the warm black rubber of a single inner tube. A pontoon boat passes in the distance and the waves from its wake stumble lazily over, gently rocking the tube and the two girls in it. The girl with the braids stirs, opening one eye to see how far they’ve drifted from the cabin—not too far, but certainly far enough. She lays her head down for a few minutes more, absentmindedly stroking the water’s surface. Then, the sweet smell of barbecue chicken wafts their way, luring both girls out of the lake...but not for long.  


    Two freckled faces sit shoulder to shoulder on the dock, their wet feet nestled in reflections of orange and violet. They share stories and tell jokes, watching as the sun sinks slowly behind a wall of trees. With full bellies and sun-kissed shoulders, they talk until there isn’t anything left to say. When the words are gone, a honey-sweet voice calls them back inside for card games and dessert. “The water will still be there tomorrow!” it calls, but tomorrow isn’t soon enough. 


    Two freckled faces whisper in the still of night, giggling as they make their way back to the water. The stairs down to the dock creak under their feet, the only sound besides the crickets dancing in the trees. The water’s surface is a black canvas speckled with countless constellations, each one begging to be touched. One girl grabs the other by the hand and they count to three, squealing as their feet leave the ground. And, just for a moment they hang in the air, suspended in time and surrounded by stars. 

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